POWER OF PUSSY: Author Interview with Sandy

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Author Interview with Sandy

Q. What attracted you to Peter in the first place?
a. He looked young for his age; he wore cargo pants & tennis
shoes; and was very fit.
Note to self: Forget judging books by the cover; ie: POWER OF P.
There is so much vital info in my book for women of all ages. To
use a cliche, it's empowering. My agony translates to answers.
What's in it for men is to better understand the female right-brainers.
For men, there's also a lot of sex. Surprise. Surprise.
What I learned is that great sex is not love.

Q. What about Peter's personality...what was it that caught you?
a. He was funny, and the first time we spoke he yelled at me.
That yelling eventually became evil and not so funny. Initially, I didn't
see it because I was wrapped up in the sex. What I did
learn of importance was to open up about what I wanted.
After a while, I didn't get what I thought I wanted. You have
to be mentally stimulated to maintain a healthy relationship
and sex life. What is so amazing about me learning that was
I had to be 60 years old to figure it out. In the book, I give
everyone the why's and what-for's of figuring "IT" out for yourself.

Q. How long did it take before you saw Peter for what he was?
a. I can pinpoint the day. It was a pretty nice day for late in
January and we went to Peter's favorite greasy spoon cafe.
Oh, it didn't stop there. Watching this miserably through the meal;
then I had to see him stick the tip in the front of her apron. Their
faces both turned red with excitement, and I wanted to shoot them.
After finally getting over myself & swallowing my wrath... weeks
later, I learned with men & waitresses that it's a control thing.
Just imagine having a she-slave wait on the Lord of the Pig Manor,
supplying food (ie:grapes) for his gut while mystically eyeing him
as if to promise to taking care of his every need later.
Now, I'm not against that....if I AM the waitress....And if I WILL GET
what I want in return. Thusly, the Lion King.

Q. Were you unnecessarily jealous ?
a. Of course I was. I watched Peter's every move whenever there were
other women around. He was an ass.
Later, when I finally figured out that he had figured out how to
really yank my chain, I no longer cared.
When I think of it today, it still makes me angry at both of us, especially him.


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