POWER OF PUSSY: April 2008

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


The AuthorIsland.com Book of the Day!!

Win An Autographed Copy Of Sandy Patsy's Memoir POWER OF PUSSY

From the intimate thoughts and pen of author Sandy Patsy comes a controversial journal served hot from the plate for readers especially women everywhere. Her mind-boggling account of the lust-driven relationship she had with Peter Straat, provides women a life handbook-guide-outline-map of the world of sex and the Power of Pussy .

Follow Patsy's records of her sex-filled moments and incredible open lovemaking, as she realizes how Peter (or the MALE gender) MUST BE THE LION KING. Witness how she, even at age 60, is still boggled by the overwhelming sensations and overpowering desires to achieve passionate sex anytime anywhere. Her vivid and descriptive account of their secret affair --- hot and fiery rendezvous, ardent and sizzling tryst, and even obsessive jealousy --- is reflected through her thoughts, emails, feelings, and narrative.

Feel the intense stir of reality and the flaming arousal of truth in Power of Pussy . To purchase an ebook of this novel, contact the author at Sandyellenpatsy@aol.com

For details on how to win, head to AuthorIsland. com

Friday, April 25, 2008



Male lions generally leave hunting duties to the female members of the pride, helping out on occasion. Only when they are on their own do they demonstrate their hunting abilities.

"The male is a domestic animal which, if treated with firmness, can be trained to do most things."
- Jilly Cooper

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Review & Give-A-Way for the Power of Pussy By: Sandy Patsy

Review by Park Avenue Princess

The Power of Pussy By: Sandy Patsy
Publisher: Xlibris Company
Pub. Date: February 2008
128 pp.

A Note From the Author:
This mind-boggling journal-of-sorts was borne out of love. True love that had not yet existed for a 60-year old, still hot, simmering woman. I already had a full stressful life with a demanding & money-making career, a millionaire boyfriend, two beautiful daughters and grandchildren that I all loved well.Enter Peter Straat. Our lust-driven relationship that has made my life the most sex-filled time is recorded for you to read by incredible open lovemaking to verbal warfare.

Here's the key to our relationship, just understand one thing: HE MUST BE THE LION KING. That's how I started and am still continuing this journey with Peter Straat. I worshiped his dick. We had sex anywhere anytime he wanted. We are both so passionate, it also came out in bad ways including the biggie: jealousy.If you can relate and want to know more, read my book. -Sandy Patsy*

I REALLY LIKED THIS BOOK! It's honesty and raw emotion got me from the very start. Sandy opens up her life for all to view and to me, that's a bold move on her part and it takes guts! I hope I have half the energy Sandy does when I'm 60! A truly amazing woman, with a truly amazing story.

My review and thoughts:

"man can have sex with no love"
"and man can have love with no sex"

With a unique writing style all her own, Sandy Patsy's debut title "The Power of Pussy" is witty and insightful. Packed with information that I wish I my mother told me when I first started dating and fell in love. But this certainly isn't the information your mother's going to hand you freely in a heart-to-heart! Sandy's journal is sinfully sexy. All of her thoughts and emotions are laid out on the line.Informative, seductive and straight to the point, from cover to cover this book is full of surprises and fun! As we take a trip through the course of Peter and Sandy's relationship, not a single juicy detail is spared. Have you ever wanted to read someone else's journal or diary? Or maybe said "Oh, I wish I could be a fly on that wall, right now!"Well, now you can! Sandy's kept meticulous notes about her thoughts, feelings and desires and she shares them openly with a style that pulls no punches Each and every one of us become not just a guest in her bedroom, but in her mind. Sandy's thoughts provoke questions and those questions leave you thinking long after you close the book.

Do women really keep a man in their lives unhappily jut because they don't want to be alone? Or Should a woman make a man feel he's always right even when he's wrong? Yes or No? Do you think men are constantly on the prowl searching for a better or perhaps love that's new? Or just any woman, without a care which, as long as she keeps him believing he's "King of the Castle". Judge for yourself as you read their private online instant messages to one another and the incidents that seem to occur on each date.A true story of want, need, lust and love by THE woman who lived it and then told all about it.

WHO IS SANDY PATSY?Get to know her through her intriguing book, Power of Pussy. Follow her, as she records her mind-boggling journal on the world of sex and the Power of Pussy. She chronicles her intimate and passionate moments, frank and blunt thoughts, raw and deep emotions in this book. Get inside the reality of what her book speaks --- see how she strongly feels of the ultimate Power of Pussy through this book.

***GIVE-A-WAY Notice: I will be GIVING AWAY an AUTOGRAPHED COPY of SANDY PATSY'S BOOK!! If you are interested, please leave me a comment, in the comments section. Also, because Sandy Patsy would like to stop by for an INTERVIEW really soon, I will give away a SECOND AUTOGRAPHED COPY to the person that comes up with the best question and/or questions for Sandy to answer! I will post the winners ONE WEEK from today, which is the 20th of April.

Good Luck & Have Fun!!

That's all for now and Thank You for stopping by!
Review by Park Avenue Princess

Saturday, April 12, 2008

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The AuthorIsland.com Newsletter

Sandy Patsy Has A Great Prize Package Up For Grabs


To celebrate the release of her book, Power of Pussy , Sandy is offering a wonderful prize package exclusively for AuthorIsland.com readers. An autographed copy of her book, a fun pussy cat bookmark, a stylish red handbag, a sweet collectible ty black kitty cat and (my favorite) a fun bottle of Sexy Little Things also by Victoria's Secret - the bottle actually purrs when you pick it up - way too cool!

To enter for your chance at this great prize package, simply head over to
Sandy's MySpace page and find out why she used what she did for the title of her new book (you'll find the answer in one of her blog postings). And if you have a MySpace account, be her friend and leave her a comment.

Email Sandy your answer to Sandyellenpatsy@aol.com with AuthorIsland contest in the subject line. And please include your shipping address in case yours is the name that comes out of the hat on May 15. Good Luck!

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Friday, April 11, 2008


This video is really too much ...........read on............Bill Clinton Errs on Wife's Sniper Tale - AOL News

When will the lies end, if ever ?


Is there someplace far away, someplace where all is clear
Easy to start over with the ones you hold so dear
Or are you left to wonder, all alone, eternally
This isn't how it's really meant to be
No, it isn't how it's really meant to be
Well they say that love is in the air, but never is it clear,
How to pull it close and make it stay
Butterflies are free to fly, and so they fly away
And I'm left to carry on and wonder why
Even through it all, I'm always on your side

Sheryl Crow

Evil vs. Good

"Evil will ALWAYS fail in the wake of doing good.
We, in the U.S., think we're good. We're not;
just ignorant. We were oblivious to the Middle
East until we got hooked on their oil.
Oil and pussy: That's all we need.

Where is my Mr. PusssyLover ?"

Monday, April 7, 2008

Women are all about the little things.........

"Straight from the program "Nature" airing on
your local PBS station on Sunday April 6th.
Our heritage from the primate family is that
of natural selection. The female evaluates
the attributes of the male based on his
HER. I don't know why this is such a
revelation to me. Of course, this courtship
is borne out of his attention to detail.
Women are all about the little things.
Human men are not."

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Book Give-A-Way

To enter for your chance at an autographed copy of POWER OF PUSSY,
POST a comment on this blog-whatever like if you have a question about me, my book, or which excerpt you like the best. I will pick a winner at random April 15 - a good day for a treat !!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Just Playing Around........

"The great thing about not having sex
with a partner is not having sex.
Since I got my new idea here, I've
had a lot more fun with guys. I
have no expectations. Apparently,
he/they sense it, and enjoy me so
much more. It holds true that once
you've had sex with a man, you want
to own him.
Now why is that?"

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Contest - I HAVE A WINNER !

Joy I , Mesa, Az is the winner of my St Patrick’s Day and Birthday Celebration. Thank you for all your entries and be watching for another contest soon. I still have the other contest going on AuthorIsland until May 15 - so if you haven’t entered please go on over and check it out.