POWER OF PUSSY: January 2008

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hi, It's me...Sandy Ellen Patsy; I do exist.

Send me any/all of your comments, thoughts and experiences!
I am not an activist or a feminist; I am realist. I don't fantasize.
I work with the truth and people's own emotions and desires.
By desires, I mean, what is it that you really want. Most of us
can easily say what we don't want, but let's concentrate on the flip.
Even with my love affair ending in a book to show for it and not a
relationship; it was Priceless. I learned more in those four years
than I did in the previous forty!
In my next rendition of realism, I am going to show and tell how
the "Lion King," heart of your heart needs to be tamed and not
stroked. Volumn II....stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Who is Sandy Patsy?

Get to know her through her intriguing book, Power of Pussy. Follow her, as she records her mind-boggling journal on the world of sex and the Power of Pussy. She chronicles her intimate and passionate moments, frank and blunt thoughts, raw and deep emotions in this book. Get inside the reality of what her book speaks --- see how she strongly feels of the ultimate Power of Pussy through this book.