POWER OF PUSSY: Author Island Contest Winners !!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Author Island Contest Winners !!

31 Days Of Christmas Winner
The 12 days of Christmas? Bah humbug! Here at Author Island, we love Christmas and giving stuff away so much, that there's no way we were going to limit ourselves to only 12 days of it! We simply refuse! So, thanks to some very generous authors (31 of them to be exact), we gave away A BOOK A DAY each and every day of December!

December 1st - Sheila of Rhame, ND won Sandy Patsy's controversial journal.

The Valentine's Day contest, OOOO-LALA Pepe Le Pew Plush and an autographed copy of Sandy Patsy's POWER OF PUSSY book went to Jane of Wasola, MO


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