POWER OF PUSSY: Hey all.....

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hey all.....

Hey everybody, so what's happening with you?

I have been alittle busy myself and have not been around as much as I'd like. Sometimes after work, I just don't have time to post at all my fav blogs and then I also go to our hockey games and we are now in the playoffs and I have done acouple of road trips, which were very exciting!! Now just waiting to see who we plat next, hoping for it to be in Illinois for more possible road trips and then maybe even more in the next rounds, that is of course "when" we advance.........can you tell that I love my hockey team, esp this yr!!!!! ;-)
I wish that they go all the way and win the championship. They did it a few yrs ago and they are good enough to bo it this yr, if everything works in their favor.

So...........help me cheer them on. The little things to make me happy. :-)



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