POWER OF PUSSY: Enter February Lion King Contest Now !

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Enter February Lion King Contest Now !

I am giving a Power of Pussy eBook download monthly so get your entry in for FEBRUARY !
Also included will be a Hallmark Purrcy the Huggable Lion.


To enter for your chance at a free download of Power of Pussy eBook and a Purrcy Lion for your very own , please comment on this blog to any February post.
All comments will go into the hat, so the more you comment, the better your chances to win. It would be fun to hear about your very own Lion King - all comments are welcome !

Any comment will be considered a bonus entry in addition to your original entry in all contests.

WHAT DOES THE 'LION KING' MEAN TO YOU IN TERMS OF YOUR PARTNER? Is he the king of your household? Who decides about the large purchases? Who initiates sex... what per cent of the time, is it you ? U know what, the meaning of "Lion King" has CHANGED for me. What I've learned from Peter Straat is that sex has to have a little mystique. The Lion King part comes in when you bring him a water & a bowl of popcorn. It has to do with "serving" HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS................

So, I will have the winner's address for your Lion , email your comment and name and address to
sandyellenpatsy@aol.com - with LION KING in subject line


At February 15, 2009 at 12:32 AM , Blogger Dina said...

Everyone should enter, you'll want to win this book and that cute little lion.


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