POWER OF PUSSY: There are plenty of fish in the sea..............

Sunday, March 23, 2008

There are plenty of fish in the sea..............

Or are there ??? When you think about it, looking for Mr. or Miss Right is a lot like going fishing. Personalities and Fishing Lures

What Women Want

Sex and the Septuagenarians By Lakshmi ChaudhryWhen I grow up, I want to be old. Old as in proudly, imperiously fat like my grandmother, free from the need to do “something” or be “somebody,” and definitively, unmistakably, not sexy.

According to her this is the book NOT TO BUY

Comments Anyone ?

And what about that Jamie ! Actress Jamie Lee Curtis has once again decided to bare her soul -- and body -- to convince women that they will be their most beautiful if they take care of their bodies and age naturally. The star will help celebrate her 50th birthday by posing topless on the cover of AARP The Magazine.

And poor Priscilla, whom I truly LOVE - Is it worth it ?


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