POWER OF PUSSY: The Games People Play in New Relationships.......

Friday, March 14, 2008

The Games People Play in New Relationships.......

Do NOT wait for the phone to ring. Plan your
day, week or whatever IF YOU HAVEN'T heard
from the new Beloved. Staring at your cell phone
waiting for THE call is insecure. Confidence is
sexy. You are a busy, important person.
When he calls, then make your plan with him....
NOT FOR HIM!!!!! He will go crazy for you.
Relax; if he doesn't call, it means he doesn't
want to; otherwise he would. Now it doesn't mean
he doesn't want to see you. IT MEANS HE JUST
DOESN'T WANT TO CALL exactly when you think
he should. It's all about expectations. If he "loves"
you just then, he has fun with you; chances are he'll
want to develop a deeper relationship. As this happens,
change your ideas of WHAT HE SHOULD DO. That's
where the trouble starts.
NEVER, NEVER, say this, "Why didn't you call?"
It is the kiss of the beginning of the end of the
relationship. GOT IT ?????

The Games People Play in New Relationships


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